Things To Do in Hallettsville - Cole Theater


Fri-Sat 7:30pm -Call to check on time of late movie.
Sun, Tues-Thurs 7:30 p.m. only

Closed Mondays

During the Fall Time Change, the movie begins at 7:00pm
207 East Second
(361) 798-4569

The Cole Theatre's history began in 1926 when Mart Cole opened a silent movie theatre in the magnificent three story Opera House on the west side of the Courthouse square. He christened his new establishment the Cole Theatre. On any weekend you could enjoy a movie for a few pennies. For special showings, big name Hollywood stars such as singer Jimmy Rogers would appear in person and sign autographs and maybe even perform a song.

In 1929 the theatre was moved to its present location on East Second Street. Spanish murals were hand painted on the interior walls giving it a rich and detailed beauty. The first "talkie" shown at the Cole was "Wings", and during the depression and WWII, the theatre kept movie goers informed on world events with newsreels. The theater's air conditioning system kept patrons comfortable by using fans to blow air over blocks of ice.

As so often happens over the years, ownership of the Cole Theatre changed and the facility began to show its age, finally closing its doors in the early 1990s. Then, in 1992, the Cole Theatre was discovered by Bill and Barbara Orsak. Bill had always loved the theater, having worked as a projectionist as a teen in nearby Victoria.

The Orsaks purchased the theatre in 1993 and began a loving restoration of this Hallettsville treasure, with new paint and refurbished seating. But, perhaps, the crown jewel of the restoration process is the state of the art movie viewing experience. The Orsaks committed themselves to making the Cole Theatre one of the best places around to watch a movie. They installed an oversized movie screen, modern projection equipment with top of the line optics and a Dolby sound system.

The Orsaks efforts haven't been lost on the movie industry! In 1996, the Cole was recognized by the National Association of Theater Operators for their role in preserving the community theater. And of course, patrons have accepted the Cole Theatre and recognize it as the gem that it is... many traveling miles to enjoy a movie in its cozy screening room.

These days an electric air conditioning system keeps movie goers cool and space cowboys have replaced gunslingers on the screen, but you can still smell the popcorn popping the second you walk in the door, and you’ll still be greeted with a welcoming smile by the folks behind the ticket counter... just like the good ol’ days.