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Welcome to Hallettsville


 The community of Hallettsville has a proud history rooted in tradition, culture and good 'ole Southern values! With a colorful and vibrant past ranging back to the mid-1800's, Hallettsville is rich in German and Czech heritage, a heritage that can be experienced to this day with Hallettsville's annual Kolache Fest, and a history that can be relived through our museum, memorials, historical markers and buildings, and our quaint downtown square and courthouse.

Annual events such as the Festival of Lights, Big Buck Contest, South Texas Polka & Sausage Festival, and State Championship Fiddler's Frolic offer fun for the entire family.

Jump into the heart of South Texas and you'll find Hallettsville.  Whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, you will experience the down-home hospitality and small town charm that will make you feel right at home.


The Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture presents the

2018 Royal Court

Miss Hallettsville:  Allison Etzler

Jr. Miss Hallettsville:  Katie Kostelnik

Little Miss Hallettsville:  Kloey Hebert

Little Mr. Hallettsville:  Tyler Powe




Highlighted Chamber Business of the Month for




Allen & Allen Law Firm, P.C.
401 East 3rd St
Hallettsville, TX  77964


Jessie L. Allen and Anna Allen Johnson are the owners of Allen & Allen Law Firm, P.C. Their office hours are Monday - Friday 8 am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.  They currently have 7 employees, which includes 2 attorneys, 1 paralegal, 1 receptionist, 2 legal assistants, and 1 bookkeeper.  They offer legal services in Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Estate Planning, and Probate.

Raymond Burroughs ("R.B.") Allen, youngest son of William Ward Allen, Sr. and Martha Burroughs Allen was born in 1858 near Bastrop, Texas, and the family moved to Sweet Home shortly after that and settled there with the West and McCutcheon families.  R.B. (starting at age 14) and two older brothers, Lewis Buckner ("Lew") Allen and William Ward ("Will") Allen, Jr. made several cattle drives to Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakota's during the 1870's.  The Allen brothers all made good fortunes during the years that they gathered and drove wild longhorns from Lavaca and surrounding counties to the northern markets.  It was a high risk, high profit business, if you did your job well and survived all the dangers.  R.B. used his savings to go to college at Emory & Henry College in Virginia (a school affiliated with the Methodist Church).  He graduated from college in 1879, and graduated from the University of Virginia law school in 1882.  He came back to Lavaca County and began his law practice in Hallettsville in 1882.  After 36 years of practicing law and ranching in Lavaca County, R.B. died in 1918 during the Spanish Flu epidemic, at the age of 60.  His wife, Lula, finished raising their children as a single mother.  Alton C. and William W. Allen were her youngest children (young teenagers at the time of their father's death).  Jessie Allen's grandfather, Samuel Moore Allen, was their older brother.

Upon growing up, Alton and William graduated from law school in the late 1920's and re-kindled their father's legacy of providing legal services to the citizens of Lavaca and surrounding counties.  They continued their law practice as "Allen & Allen" in Hallettsville from about 1929 until their deaths in 1976 (Alton) and 1989 (William).  In 1967, Wilbur H. Baber, Jr., began practicing law with his uncles.  He was the son of Martha Corinne Allen Baber (sister of Sam, Alton, and William Allen).  Wilbur practiced law here until his death in 2005.

In 1992, after spending about 15 years working and welding in the oilfields and on ranches in South Texas (and going to college in Victoria and law school in Houston during much of that time), Jessie began practicing law here with his cousin, Wilbur Baber.  In 2007, Jessie and Bethel's daughter, Sarah Kram joined the law practice, and in 2012, their other daughter, Anna Johnson, joined the law practice.  In 2014, Sarah and her husband, Tim, bought Hallettsville Abstract & Title Company next door to the Allen law office, and Sarah now manages the title company and continues her law practice there.  In the same year, Jessie and Anna formed Allen & Allen Law Firm, P.C. to honor and carry on the work R.B. Allen and his sons, William and Alton, and his grandson, Wilbur Baber.  We mostly represent clients concerning real estate, oil and gas matters, estate planning and probate.

During their marriage of 39+ years, Jessie and Bethel have worked side-by-side, in raising their children and managing their businesses of welding, raising cattle and operating the law office.  Their son, Lucas, is finishing college soon and has interned at the office, helping with document preparation, communications, etc.  At this stage of his life, he prefers to "work outside" like his Dad did early on, but he has shown a knack for legal work as well.

Our history cannot be complete without also paying tribute to our wonderful staff:  Shirley Steffek has been here about 48 years; Patricia Honish has been here about 41 years; Cindy Stavinoha has been her about 10 years; and Peggy Halamicek has been here about 4 years.  We are truly blessed to have such dedicated colleagues.

It all started with a 14-year-old cowboy of dreaming of becoming a lawyer and, with each generation since then, there have been others having and realizing the same dream.  We hope to continue such service to our community for a long time into the future.



Thank you to the following for becoming our newest members of the

Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture!!!

We appreciate your support!





Bucek's Country Corner

Cheryl Bucek

698 US Hwy 77N

Hallettsville, TX 77964


Bubela Real Estate

Chip Bubela

1628 N. Texana

Hallettsville, TX  77964







Attention All Hallettsville Businesses

The Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture is in the process of making some BIG changes this summer! We’re currently working on a new and improved website and directory system to enhance membership benefits and provide better access to local information. In order for our new website and system to benefit the city of Hallettsville, it is pertinent that we have your business’s updated information and current logo. We are asking all chamber members and local churches, schools, eateries, organizations, and hotels to fill out the form in the link below and submit the completed form and a copy of your current logo to visit@hallettsville.com.


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